New online store, coming soon!

New online store, coming soon!
Stay tuned for more exciting details!


Busy, busy, busy! Lot's of great things happening - here are some highlights!

Holiday Show Schedule
I've just updated my Events page listing all of the shows and sales I will be in from October through December. 
Starting on October 12 I will be at the Bazaar of the Bizarre - Halloween Extravaganza. Lot's of great music, vendors, and performers. This event is very family friendly, and admission is FREE! 

This show also marks the official 1st Anniversary of Π (Pi) Ceramic Designs...and I'm truly pleased that my anniversary show is at the BOTB.

To view the complete list of events and shows, please click here

A Studio of My Very Own....
The AKIN Collective
I am pleased to announced that as of October 1st, I will be moving into my own studio space. I will be part of the AKIN Collective - located at 444 Dufferin Street. I'm very excited about this move - feel kinda all "grown-up" now...I will still continue to have my kiln at K+B for a few more weeks - but hopefully by November I'll be fully moved into my new digs.  

This again is a bit of a milestone for me, as I made the commitment to myself a year ago that within a year I would be a bit more autonomous in terms of my studio set-up, and it's finally happening! WOOT!