New online store, coming soon!

New online store, coming soon!
Stay tuned for more exciting details!

OOAK Spring Show 2014

One of a Kind Spring Show was quite successful for me in terms of getting the word out about Π (Pi) Ceramic Designs. As a direct result of being in the show my ceramics have been picked up by two gallery stores (so far)....Objects to Desire in Grimsby, Ontario and the Muskoka Pottery Gallery in Gravenhurst, Ontario. Both locations will be carrying my work starting mid-May. 

Another great  byproduct of being in the show is that I now have access to sell my work on the new One-of-a-Kind online shop. The shop goes live in early May so now it will be far easier to purchase my work. Stay tuned for the "go live" announcement.

I'm on pins and needles waiting to hear about whether I got into the Winter OOAK Show - but the announcement for that doesn't come out till June. In the meantime, I'm pleased with the end result of this show, and definitely be participating in the OOAK Spring 2015 event.